SUNUV SUN5 48W Dual UV LED Nail Lamp


The SUN5 model combines professional LED/UV technology into a compact, pearl white finish design. It cures all LED/UV gel brands, including gel polishes and hard gels. The Crystal-Clear LED Timer Display Screen has an automatic 120s timer. No more light irritation as you can make comfortable eye contact with the SUNUV Series. Get 50,000 hours of use, never change bulbs or batteries again. 

  • Brand Model: SUNUV SUN5
  • Automatic timers: 120s countdown ans autostart
  • Crystal-clear display screen
  • 10s/30s/60s/99s low heat mode
  • 50000hrs of use
  • Adapter: Rated input 100-240V 50/60Hz 1a        
  • No batteries or replacement bulbs required
  • Ideal for hands and feet, full five fingers and feet curing
  • 24 strategically placed LED/UV bulbs
  • 48w power source
  • Lamp Size: 8.07*7.99*3.66inch
  • Weight: 750g
Package List
  • 1x Nail Lamp with Button
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Power cord